Become a Host Church

How will you and your church benefit from joining TMR?

  • TMR supports the local pastor who may not have the time, training, or energy to adequately support those in their congregation dealing with relational, marital, or leadership crisis
  • TMR provides relationship programs that can be offered to virtually all ages, addressing key topics including God’s plan for healthy sexuality, pre-marital counseling, reconciliation, parenting, and strengthening good marriages.
  • TMR provides a transformational discipleship program to include direction, care, and accountability.
  • TMR trains and educate your church’s leaders to be able to counsel, mentor, and facilitate the skills workshops.

What the process of joining TMR looks like?

  1. Confirm support from your church’s leadership and staff.
  2. Contact TMR about initial interest in becoming a host church.
  3. Develop a team of marriage champions (lay leaders) at your church who want to see this ministry flourish.
  4. Establish a clear, Christ-centered marriage ministry vision for your church and community.
  5. Send initial leaders to take a skills class at one of our other host churches and the TMR facilitator training (Level 1 & 2).
  6. Host initial Skills Classes at your site.
  7. Develop further marriage enrichment programs (i.e. workshops, date nights, counseling, marriage mentors, pre-married classes)
  8. Build bridges and collaboration with other TMR host churches.