Our Mission

The mission of The Marriage Resource is to encourage the growth of healthy relationships with an emphasis on the enrichment and restoration of healthy marriages. This happens through Christ-centered equipping, educating and consulting. By consistently providing the best and most cutting edge resources that meet the unique needs of families, The Marriage Resource helps create memorable experiences that lead couples to connection and true intimacy.

Our Vision

The vision of The Marriage Resource is to inspire a renewal of hope–fueled by the love, character, and integrity of Jesus Christ–that strengthens marriages, enriches families, revitalizes churches, and improves business/corporate/organizational performance, thus dramatically impacting the local community and influencing future generations.

The Marriage Resource is dedicated to reaching the lives of millions of people–one life at a time and one marriage at a time. We believe that two spiritually and mentally healthy individuals greatly enriches any relationship. The reasons for the great number of unsuccessful marriages and broken families are many and often complex… but there is help and there is hope. Let us better equip you with the tools that will help you to experience more joy, more understanding, and more excitement in all of your relationships.