marriage-on-the-rocksThe MarriageSkills Workshop is designed to help couples discover the joy of marriage as God intended it to be.  Using biblical truths as a foundation, this workshop helps couples build a solid marriage based on love, trust and intimacy.

The readings and exercises that are provided throughout this workshop will give couples insight into the struggles facing all marriages.  In addition, couples will gain powerful tools to help overcome the damaging attitudes, thoughts and behaviors that can threaten the health of their marriage.

God’s design for marriage is for it to reflect the loving and sacrificial nature of the Heavenly Father toward his bride, the church. God created the covenant of marriage.  He loves covenant.  Consequently the enemy of our souls hates it and is working overtime to come against and destroy Christian marriages.  For this reason it is imperative that married couples equip themselves with the tools to build or re-build their covenant relationship empowered by the Word of God.

Couples who are facing a seemingly insurmountable obstacle or a damaging breech of trust in their marriage will discover that nothing the enemy designed has the power to destroy this beautiful covenant once the healing power of God does its work.  This workshop is intended to provide couples with the knowledge and tools they need to experience this healing in their own relationships.

We have seen good marriages made better and marriages on the brink of disaster saved through the Marriage Workshop.  Whether your marriage is in a good place or a difficult one,  this workshop can help bring more love, connection, understanding and intimacy into that marriage.  Be prepared to be changed!