Attending a seminar, workshop or retreat with TMR will be a life transforming experience that will propel your personal walk with the Lord and your marriage relationship to a new level of fullfillment and fruitfulness. You will be able to immediately incorporate the scriptural truths and apply what you are receiving so that your marriage will be enriched in ways you thought were impossible. You will experience God’s love and refreshing. You will discover areas  that must change, and it may even be painful, but you will also laugh out loud as you see great hope for the future. For us, investing in our marriage by attending the retreats has been like a drink of cool water. Something amazing happens when you make a committment in time away, in finances, in  truly connecting with eachother and with others and sincerely desire to receive and grow. We always  receive so much from the excellent speakers and  teaching, but also from praying and sharing with other couples and just  enjoying being together away from normal life. We have learned much about how to love eachother well  and we are experiencing a unity in our marriage that is  affecting our family and others around us.  –  Pastor Matt and Amy Stoehr  |  The River Church, Vista, California.


I’ve had leadership training in the military. I have a Masters Degree in Global Leadership. I’ve had leadership training for battle and in business but these skills don’t successfully translate as Leadership in the home. You can’t lead in the home the way you lead in battle or business. If you try, it leads to breakdown. In the home, you need to lead from the heart. It wasn’t until I made an investment in my marriage by taking MenSkills that I realized that real leadership is found in serving my family. – Jerry


I was about to file divorce paperwork. I hd no hope left and I crying out to God for an answer to a failed marriage, then came the MarriageSkills Workshop. We came discouraged and lost and now we are leaving as leaders to pass this on to other couples. Every couple needs to participate the MarriageSkills adventure.


I came in a lot of pain and questioning if my husband could ever love me. I learned so much about what my truth is and why I’ve been stuck and I now have the tools to have a marriage that pursues peace. I am leaving here with a new creation marriage.


I am so grateful that a friend told us about the MarriageSkills Workshop. My wife and I have made some major life changing decisions. We were once blind and now we see!


Our marriage was dead and now it is ALIVE! We are living out of God’s love for us rather than demanding love from one another!